What to do with your new kitten at home!

1. When bringing a new kitten home, don’t rush it out of the crate. Give them time to venture out on their own.
2. Don’t give the kitten full run of the house at first. He is tiny and will get lost. Try confining them to a smaller space in the beginning.
3. Kittens don’t always remember to eat & drink in the midst of all the excitement. Make sure you show them the food and water dish often.
4. Show them where the litter box is located. Place them inside, and gently scratch their paws around in the litter.
5. Kittens have sharp nails, and can scratch or cut children (and adults), so keep their nails trimmed. My kittens have been trained to use a scratching post. Please allow them a scratching post to unleash their natural instincts at all times.
6. Try to keep the kitten’s diet consistent. Life’s Abundance Kitten/Cat food has all the necessary nutrients to give your kitten a great start in life. This can be ordered on-line and delivered directly to your home.
7. Have plenty of toys available. They will out last you in playing time, so make sure they have something to do while you are not playing with them.
8. We allow laser lights, but with caution. We never allow our kittens to run to the point of panting or exhaustion. Be careful not to let the laser light get in their eyes.
9. Remember they love toilet paper! Keep your toilet paper locked up, oh... and you might want to hide you tooth brushes, just in case :)
10. Leaving Mama and siblings can be very stressful. Watch closely for your kitten to show signs of stress, such as not eating, not drinking, and not being active. If you are worried, call your veterinarian. It is better to be safe than sorry.
11. RagaMuffins love to be involved in everything that you are doing and thrive on interaction. Be prepared for the little ones to be under foot at all times.
12. Please do not yell, scream, or slap your kitten. They are so much smaller than you and have no way to defend themselves. Please do not make them feel threatened in any way. They are simply there to love you and don’t always understand our ways of life.
13. Should you ever decide you can not take care of your kitten, please feel free to call us day or night, and we will make arrangements to have the kitten returned to us. We have made a commitment to these kittens for life, and we will always be here for them in the event you can not care for them.
14. Enjoy all the health benefits you will receive from the out-pouring of love and devotion from your little Teddy Bear Muffin!

© 2010 Teddy Bear Cats