Purchase Policies

The high quality RagaMuffin kittens that we offer for adoption are lovingly raised as part of our family. This means, of course, that we want them to be adopted by a family where they will continue to receive the up-most in care and love. We are committed to matching our kittens with families who are looking for special companions and additions to the family.

1. The first step to purchase a Teddy Bear RagaMuffin kitten is to contact us so we can help you pick out the purrfect kitten to compliment your home and family.

2. Each person interested in adopting a Teddy Bear RagaMuffin will be required to fill out and return an Adoption Application.

3. If you would like to reserve a kitten a $250 non-refundable deposit is required. Please be aware that more than one person may be interested in a particular kitten. In order to avoid disappointment, if you are truly interested in a kitten, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible. Available kittens will be held in the order in which deposits have been received. Your deposit will be deducted from the total adoption fee. Please understand, that should you change your mind, there are no refunds on deposits. However, your deposit can be used toward the future purchase of a Teddy Bear RagaMuffin!

4. Next comes PATIENCE while waiting for your baby to come home, which is between 12 - 16 weeks of age. Most kittens, by this time, have received a solid foundation for socialization cues and skills, and their immune systems are mature enough to handle the changes of relocating. However, each kitten is a unique individual, and there are variations in development. Because we prioritize each kitten’s health, your new baby will leave for his/her new home on a per kitten basis. We simply cannot rush Mother Nature!

5. While waiting for your kitten’s arrival, we will keep you informed of their progress and development with emails and photos.

6. As the time approaches, we will work together to prepare for the arrival of your new kitten. We will send you a list so you can purchase all the things you will need to welcome your new kitten into your home. We will also make arrangements for you to pick up your kitten or have your kitten shipped to your local airport. Although we much prefer our adopters to pick up their kitten in person, for those who do not live within driving distance, we can arrange to ship your pet using Continental Airlines Pet Safe program.

7. The balance of the kitten is due 2 weeks before it is shipped or upon pick-up from my home. Payments may be made using Paypal, cash, or a Postal Money Order.

8. Each person adopting a Teddy Bear RagaMuffin kitten will be required to sign a contract which highlights an agreement between the adopter and Teddy Bear RagaMuffins regarding spay/neuter, de-clawing, living indoors, timely vaccinations and daily hugs!

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